Mobile Point Of Sales - Card Readers TransFirst

TransFirst offers Membership Toolkit customers the option of using a mobile processing card reader. The first card reader is complimentary (except for shipping and handling - approx. $10 depending on your location) and additional card readers are $20 each.  The fees are deducted from the account and routing number provided when you opened the account.

To order your card readers contact:

Peter Stretton

Direct Phone Number:

Transaction Rates for point-of-sale transactions are 1.85% and $0.05 per transaction.

If you are taking a payment using your mobile card reader, the transaction will not be added to the data in your Membership Toolkit account.

How is information transmitted?

From TransFirst:

Our mobile devices primary communication will be over the internet or wifi.  If this is unavailable, it will try a secondary method through the phones 3g/4g phone network (primary/secondary options be different based on the phones specific settings.  Lastly, if there is no communication available, the PayFox app will store the information to process until one of these sources of information is available.


The app and reader do provide point to point encryption, yes.  The mobile devices are encrypted along with our servers, making all data communicated fully encrypted, from origination to destination.