Faculty Favorites Form

Adding a Faculty Favorites Form to your website is a great way to:

  1. get your faculty to register and purchase membership.
  2. give room parents, grade coordinators, and parents ideas for holiday and year end gifts.

The Faculty Favorites form is an information form or data only form.
The information is collected and can be downloaded in an excel spreadsheet. The information does not self publish on your website so you will need to decide how and where you want it presented. 

Form Settings

Form should be set for one time only and to present one per family.

Form Condition

You will want to place a form restriction or form condition on the form so that only members of your faculty will see the form.  

Ideas for Presenting the Information On Your Website:
  1. Create a word document for each grade that includes the information presented. Save the document as a pdf and then link to the grade level's faculty favorite's document from a page on your website.
  2. Include the information on a content page on your website.
  3. Create a table on your website with the information and you can copy from the excel spreadsheet.  (I don't think this presents as nice as the other options.)

Presenting Information on A Restricted Website Page
Your information can be included on a website content page that is restricted so only families that are logged in to your site will be able to view the content.