Website Pages for Board Members Only

You can add website pages that are restricted so only your board members have access to them. This allows you to post information and documents specific for your board members. You can also include a calendar that is for board members.

Creating Board Member Only Website Pages

  • All of your board members will need  to have Dashboard Access as an Administrator on your site.  Go to Admin / Access Control to add them. 
  • Create a website content page and in the "Who can see this?" field, limit the access to "Only users that have dashboard access can see it."


  • You will need to determine how you want to navigate to the website page. One option is to create a menu option/button for Board Members.
  • Go to Website / Navigation / Scroll down to the bottom / Add menu entry.
  • You can choose to have the menu link set to only be seen by board members.

Board Member Calendar

To add a board calendar, create a new calendar for Board Members.  Use the macro to add the calendar to the board member website page or create a new page for the board member calendar.  See more information about Calendars in our Help Desk Solutions.