Blogs - An Overview

Blog Feature - If you would like to use the Blogs within your Membership Toolkit account, submit a ticket and let us know so we can help you set-up the blog and configure it for your site.

Why Use Blogs?

Blogs are useful if you are going to have frequent articles about one topic and you want to keep past articles. An example would be a President's Letter. If your President writes a monthly letter, you may want to use a Blog for this. In your newsletter you would include one or two sentences and then link back to the Blog Content.  Readers would see the 4 or 5 most current articles but also could retrieve those that are archived.

Using A Blog For Your Newsletter Articles

When publishing your newsletter, it is best to keep the content in the newsletter brief and link back to full articles. Over 60% of all electronic newsletters are first read on a mobile device. Long articles are not recommended for this format. Publish the full article in a Newsletter Blog.  The newsletter links back to the full article.  

Another advantage of linking back to your website for the full content - the newsletter articles can now be translated!  The Google Translate on your site will translate the content of the newsletter articles that are read on your site.

Using Blogs For Your Home Page

Blogs can make it easier to update content and they allow you to archive past content for later reference. They also provide a neat, concise way to display content and link to additional content. Here are a few examples of sites using blogs on their home page.