Plan of Work

If your parent organization collects Plans of Work, you can use a Membership Toolkit information form to collect all of this information.  Board members love the convenience of doing it online and your President and Treasurer will be able to view requests. Restrict access to the form to only board members so parents not on your board will not see the form.

How To Create a Plan Of Work:

1.  Create a new form:  Store & Forms / Forms / New Form.

2.  Include instructions in the preamble so board members know what information you are trying to collect and the purpose of submitting the form:  Form / Description.

3.  Choose the following settings for your form:  Form / Settings - Required? No; One Per Family; As Many as Wanted.

4.  Set up one line item (data field) for each piece of information that you need to collect:  Form / Line Items / Add a Data Field.  See our Help Files on Data Fields for more information on how to format a data field.  

5.  Restrict access to the form for only board members (a custom field is required for this):  Form / Form Conditions.