Apparel with Different Prices for Different Sizes

If you want to charge different prices for different sizes of the same apparel item, you can either create a separate SKU for each price option OR:

  1. Create the SKU for the item in the Catalog.  (Store & Forms / Catalog)
  2. In the Catalog, include all of the size options that will be available.
  3. Add the line item to your form.
  4. On the Product Description tab, select "Yes" to override the catalog.
  5. Under Sales Information, select which size options will be included in the price.  Don't forget to Save!
  6. Add a second line item with the same SKU.  Override the catalog and select which size options are at this price level. Set the price to reflect the increase.
  7. Save the form.

Important! Do not include a duplicate SKU/Option on a form.