Year End Transitions - A Checklist of What Needs To Be Done

This is a checklist of all the steps that you need to complete at the end of the year as you transition your organization to a new year and new leadership.  These steps must be completed by an Admin on your site.  Go to Admin / Year End.  For more information, download our complete Guide to Year End Transitions.

  1. If you completed this process last year, you will need to Archive the old checklist first by clicking the blue "Archive" button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Update your account ownership contact information.
  3. If you need to authorize additional users to act as owners of your Membership Toolkit account after you step down, do so by adding them to your Access Control list. Once you make the transition, they can remove your access to complete the hand-over.
  4. Update the contact information and account information for your payment processor(s), bank accounts, and any domains you own.
  5. Update the current year dates in your Membership Toolkit account by scheduling the roll-over of system dates and settings. When rolling over to a new year, you can configure the dates for the next year here, and schedule when you want to make the change.
  6. Update your database by promoting students to the next grade level. This tab allows you schedule when and how this will happen. Simply select which grade each will promote "up" to, and whether or not to make them inactive if they age out of your organization.  (Note: you will also want to check your "Grade Label" and update it if necessary.  This has to be done manually by going to People / Configuration / Student Form / "Grade" Label.)

  7. Duplicate forms that you want to use again in the new year and Archive old forms. This tab will allow you to define how you'd like to handle that when transitioning to the new year. When archiving forms, you can "stamp" them with a common identifier so that you can easily find them later. All duplicated forms will be placed in Draft mode.

  8. Update any custom fields. When moving to the next year, it's often helpful to be able to clear information in custom fields on Parent and Student records. You can schedule that to happen automatically on this tab.

*When setting your dates for the system rollovers to occur, it is important to keep this information in mind:

12:00 am is technically the next day.  So if yesterday was 6/29 - it was 6/29 all the way up to 11:59 pm.  At 12:00 am (midnight) the "date" becomes 6/30.  12:00 am is the very first minute of the new day.  So, if on the user's contact record it says info must be verified on 6/30 at 12:00 am, that is actually the exact moment at midnight when the date changes over to be 6/30.