Using Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow organizations to capture information for parents or students.  In addition to capturing information, custom fields also allow you to restrict access to forms for a specific group and they allow you to filter your database for sending emails and creating newsletter subscription lists.
  • All of the information captured in custom fields is included on your reports.  However, student information is only included on the form report if the sale of the item is captured at the student level either through the form set up (Settings / One Per Student) or the line item (Edit Line Item / Form Specific / Present a Row for Each Student.)
  • At this time, Admins cannot add a custom field, but they are able to edit the data in it once it has been collected.  If you would like to have a custom field added to your parent or student information, create a help desk ticket and one of our Team Members will be happy to assist you.


Classroom Teacher - Student Field

Capture the student's classroom teachers.  Very popular for elementary schools.  Can also be set up as home room teacher for secondary schools. (Note: When adding a list of teachers to the Options on a Custom Field, DO NOT use commas. Use hyphens or underscores instead. ie: Jones_Sally instead of Jones, Sally.)

T-Shirt Size - Student Field

If you provide free t-shirts for all of your students, you may want to capture their t-shirt size during the registration process.  This is also a great way to motivate parents to create or update their accounts. 


One of our schools publicized that the PTA would be purchasing spirit shirts for every student.  And if parents were note registered by September 15, their student would receive an Adult XL.  They had 99% of their students registered by the deadline!

Relationship To School - Parent Field

Know how the people in your database are related to your school. You choose which options you want to list. Options can include: 

  • parents
  • faculty
  • grandparents
  • community members
  • mom, dad, step-mom, etc

This allows you to create forms that are restricted to faculty only.  Examples might be a membership form for faculty only; a spirit wear form with reduced prices that is exclusively for teachers; information form for faculty to list their favorite things; a form for faculty to list their wish list items or to apply for grants....

Board Member - Parent Field

Typically this field is set up so it is only available to administrators to see or edit. This allows you to send email to board members.  Create forms for Plans of Work that are limited to board members only.

Room Parent - Parent Field

The field is set up as admin only and allows you to quickly send communications to all of your Room Parents.

Name on Background Check Form - Parent Field

If you need to cross check volunteers with their school background check, you may want to add a field for "name on the background check form".