Updating Membership Expiration Dates

When a contact becomes a member the membership has an expiration date.  There are two ways for membership status to be given to a contact.

  1. Membership SKUs that grant membership status have an expiration date at the SKU level.
  2. Administrators can manually give membership to a contact at which time they set the membership expiration date.

1. Updating at the SKU Level

If you are launching membership sales before your year end, you will need to update the membership expiration date at the SKU level.  Be sure to do this for every SKU that is associated with your membership sales.

  • Go to Store & Forms/Catalog.
  • Select the SKU associated with membership purchase.
  • Select the "Membership" tab and update the Expiration Date. You can set the membership to expire on a particular date or after a particular number of days have passed.
  • Don't forget to Save.

2. Updating Manually

Sometimes it is necessary for Admins to manually grant membership to a contact or update the date of membership expiration.
  • Search for the contact you wish to edit using the "Search" feature.
  • Under Contact Information, click the blue "Edit" button for either the primary or secondary contact.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the drop down box and enter the membership information, including the Membership Expiration Date.
  • Save changes.