Contact Status - An Overview

All contacts in your Membership Toolkit Account have a Contact Data Expiration Date.  When a user creates an account or an inactive user logs in and verifies their family's information, a data expiration date is set for that family's record.

*Most schools and parent organizations set their user data expiration date for June 30.  This allows them to assure that all of the information in their system is current and it provides them with a current permission to publish form.

There are five statuses:

  1. Active
  2. Outdated
  3. Inactive
  4. External
  5. Cancelled

1.  Active - current in the system. Once the Contact Data Expiration Date is reached the contact status becomes outdated. Account Owners can determine how many days contacts will be outdated before becoming Inactive.  Go to Admin / Account Settings / Dates & Times / Contact Inactive Interval.

2.  Outdated - A contact status is outdated once the contact data expiration date is reached. This status allows organizations to know which contacts were previously active and need to update or confirm their information.  Organizations can customize how long a contact status will be outdated before it is made inactive. Once that time period expires, the contact will automatically be moved to Inactive.  Outdated contacts' information will still be included in your directory.

When a contact is Outdated, they will need to log back in to their account to become Active again and they will need to confirm or update:

    • parent & student information
    • permission to publish information

3.  Inactive - not active/current in the system.  All of their information, including past sales & shopping cart information, is still available.  Volunteers that are Inactive will show up as "stale" to current volunteer forms.  Contact information will no longer be presented in the directory.

When a contact is Inactive, they will need to log back in to their account to become Active again and they will need to confirm or update:

    •  parent & student information
    •  permission to publish information
*Sales, information, and volunteer forms will not load until they have completed these two steps.

4.  External - These are Guest Users who have checked out on a Guest Form.

5.  Cancelled - This status must be selected by an Admin and essentially means that you want to remove this contact from your database.  It is used for families that are no longer associated with your organization or that have duplicate contact records in the system.  These contacts will:
  • not show up on any reports.
  • have pending orders removed.
  • be removed from all volunteer opportunities.
  • not show up in your "search" results on the dashboard.

When an Admin changes a contact's status to Cancelled, they will then be presented with the question: "Add emails to Do Not Contact list?" Previously all cancelled contact's email addresses were added to the Do Not Contact list. This has changed.


Selecting "Yes - add emails to the Do Not Contact List" will add all email addresses associated with this contact to the "Do Not Contact" list, preventing any emails from reaching this contact. This should be reserved for contacts who request themselves to be removed from all communication from your organization.

They can become Active again if they log back into the system. At this time they will be given the opportunity to take their emails off of the Do Not Contact list.

If you have a family that has duplicate contact cards in your database:

  • Choose which contact card should be their active contact card.
  • Update the second contact card to "Cancelled."
  • Select "No, do NOT add emails to Do Not Contact List."