Inventory Control - The Basics

You can limit the number of items available for any SKU and any option in your Membership Toolkit system.  If Inventory Control is in place, once you have sold all of your inventory, members will see that the item is "Sold Out."

Inventory Holds:  In rare cases, two Users could be checking out with the same item at the same time.  To prevent over-selling items, the system places a temporary "hold" on inventory controlled items.  When a User places an item in their cart, it will be "on hold" for them and they will have 15 minutes to complete the checkout process before that item is released back into the available inventory.

Re-Orders:  If you plan to continuously re-order an item as it is needed, it is best practice to NOT set inventory controls.  Once your inventory goes to "0," orders for that item can no longer be placed and you will lose sales. 

Back-Orders:  There is not a way to collect sales in back-ordered state.  It may be best to include a Special Note in a SKU with information regarding when the item will be delivered.

How to Set Inventory Controls:

  • Go to Store & Forms / Catalog to see a list of SKUs in your Catalog.
  • Select the SKU that will be inventory controlled.
  • On the Sales Information tab, change Manage Inventory to "Yes" and Save.
  • Go back to the Catalog list and select the blue "adjust inventory" button for the SKU.


  • If you are starting inventory for the first time, enter the number of items available.  (QOH = Quantity On Hand)


*For information on adjusting the inventory once it has been set, see the Help Desk Solution:  Adjusting Inventory Numbers