Catalog - Adding Options to New Products

The Options tab is where you add size and color options (if applicable) for your products.

  • Go to Store & Forms / Catalog / Add New Product / Options.

Options Label
The label your uses will see for the options you will be providing - Sizes, colors, etc.

A list of options available such as sizes or colors.
  • Place each option on a separate line (see below).
  • Do NOT use commas.
  • Do NOT include ( ) or " " in the option. For example, these will NOT work:

SM (24" waist)

M (26" waist)

Style 1 - "Mrs. Wilson"

Style 2 - "Mrs. Henderson"

If you want to make one or more of your options unavailable at a later date, you can de-activate them by "un-checking" the box next to the option. This de-activation will filter to every form that uses the SKU, provided the SKU isn't overriding the catalog.

*If the SKU is being overridden on a form, you can edit the options at the form level.  Select Form / Line Items / Edit Line Item / Sales Information.