Catalog - Sales Information

This is where you add all of the pricing and inventory information about your products.
  • Go to Store & Forms / Catalog / Add New Product / Sales Information.

Sales Price
Your sales price!  You have the option of allowing users to choose a sales price.  If you wish to allow users to select their sales price, enter multiple prices separated by commas.  An example would be for donations.  Do not include dollar signs or spaces.

Allow Custom Price
Do you want to allow users to enter their own price?

Item Taxable
Should we charge sales tax for the item?  Sales tax will be added to the sales price.  Sales tax is itemized on the receipt and in your financial reports. 

The financial category affiliated with this SKU. It is IMPERATIVE that you be consistent in naming your categories.  For example, if you label one category as MEMBERSHIP, use the same all caps format for all other membership SKUs.  Otherwise, the columns in your report won't match up.

Ledger Accounts & Amounts for Income
Leave these fields blank if you're not using the Membership Toolkit Financial Package.
If you are using the Membership Toolkit Financial Package, stop here and be sure the accounting information has been set up.  It is recommended that you seek advice from your treasurer before filling this out.  You can also view our Help Desk Solution:  Ledger Accounts & Amounts for Income for further information.

Payment Application Priority

If your organization allows partial payments on orders, you can select which SKUs have a higher priority for payments to be applied. See our Help Desk Solution: Prioritizing Payments for more details.

Is this product deliverable?
Is this an item that can be delivered such as school supplies or spirit wear?  Or is it non-deliverable such as memberships, donations, etc.?  Selecting yes here also allows you to use the Fulfillment Worksheet report.  This report allows you to filter by SKU and completely customize the parent and student information in regards to your custom fields.  This can be very useful even for items that aren't truly being delivered.

Manage Inventory
Is there a limited number of inventory for this product?  If so, select yes.  The default for managed inventory is 0.  To add inventory go to the Catalog list and select the "adjust inventory" button in the "Inventory Managed" column associated with the SKU.