Catalog - Adding a New Product (SKU)

To add new products to your catalog, go to Store & Forms / Catalog / Add New Product.

- The SKU is the code in your Membership Toolkit system that tracks all of your transactions.

What you need to know about creating SKUs for products in your catalog:
  • No spaces
  • Use number, letters, hyphens, and underscores
  • Reports are run by SKU. Be logical in creating your SKU. For example: all school supplies should start with SUPPLIES or SS so all of these items are grouped together in your report.
  • Changes made on a form will not be reflected in the Catalog.  Once a SKU is added to a form, changes to the SKU in the catalog will not be reflected in the form.  An exception to this is the "Options" that are available in the SKU.

Product Active?
Select "Yes."  If you select "No," it won't appear in your lists for creating forms.  You can retire old SKUs by making them inactive.

The label used on your forms.  

Special Notes
Special notes appear directly below the item in the product list. This is limited to 255 characters. A message will appear in red to let you know how many characters you have left.

Extended Description
This is where you put more information about a particular product.  The extended description is presented in a drop down box below the item in the list on your form.