Setting Up Google Translate

To add Google Translate to your Membership Toolkit account, first you need to set up a Google Translate account.

1.  Set up a Google Account.

If you have an email address associated with your organization ( we recommend using this to set up your Google account.

2.  Set up a Google Translate Account & Get the Website Translator Plug-In.

  • Google's Translate Website Page
  • Log in if needed using your Google Account.
  • Complete the online form.
    Website URL - this will be your domain name:
  • Choose which languages you want to include in your translation options.  Most schools only choose one or two.
  • Get your Website Translator. After you complete the information, you will be given a Website Translator Plug-in Code.  Copy this into a Word document and save. 

3.  Add Google Translate to Your Membership Toolkit Account.
You will need Administrator Access to your site tools to add the code to your account.
  • Log-in to your Membership Toolkit account.
  • Go to Dashboard / Website / Structure.
  • You will create a New Block for the Google Translate.  Under "Blocks" go to the Region "left-rail" or "right-rail" and click the "add block..." button.  Or, another good place to put it would the "footer" region.
  • Choose HTML Block and click the "add block" button again.
  • For Block Name type Google Translate.
  • In the HTML Content Editor, choose the Source Code button.  See graphic below.
  • Paste in the Website Translator Plug-in Code.
  • Save
  • Rearrange the block by dragging it to the correct location in the navigation region.
  • Don' forget to hit Save!

If you want to add any wording above the Google Translation plug-in, you will need to create a new html block for the wording.  Add a new HTML block, Google Header, and type and format wording that you want above the plug-in. 

NOTE:  Only pages (including forms, content pages, etc) that include the plug-in on the same page will be translated.  For example, if your volunteer forms are set to present with no sidebar, and the translate plug-in is set to be in the sidebar, then the volunteer form will not be translated. You can edit this by going to Website / Design Settings and changing the page template used for forms.