Google Translate

Google Translate - The Basics

Allowing users to translate content on your website to their preferred language is a great way to close any language barriers that may have prevented families from using your site or signing up to volunteer.

Google has a great App that organizations can sign up for and then add to their Membership Toolkit account.  Currently Google allows you to translate content into 80 languages.

More Information From Google

One of the reasons we are so excited about this version of Google Translate is that it includes the Translator Toolkit which allows your Admins to edit the translation if there is a problem.

Key Features of Google Translate:

  • translates your website into 80 different languages
  • allows you to customize and improve the translation
  • collects and uses translation suggestions from your users
  • invites editors to manage translations and suggestions

To add Google Translate to your Membership Toolkit account, first you need to Set Up a Google Translate Account.