Adding Size Options to a SKU and Order Form

There are two steps to adding size options to a form.
1. Add the options at the SKU Level in the Catalog.
2. Add the options on the form.

Step 1 - Adding the Options at the SKU Level in the Catalog

  • From the Dashboard, go to Store & Forms / Catalog.
  • If you have already created the SKU, select the one you would like to edit.
  • Select the "Options" tab.
  • Complete the Options Label (for apparel this would be "Size" or "Size and Color")
  • Add the size options in the Options box.  Each should be listed on a new line.

Step 2 - Adding the SKU Information and Options to the Form
  • From the Dashboard, go to Store & Forms and select the Form that will have the apparel.
  • Go to the Line Items tab, and select "add a line item".
  • On the Product Description tab, select the SKU that you created from the drop down menu.
  • If you leave the "Override Catalog" field set to "No", the Sales Information will auto-populate from the Catalog.
  • If you need to modify the Options for this form only, change the "Override Catalog" field to "Yes" then go to the Sales Information tab and make the modifications to the Options.
  • Please Note:  It is always best to make changes to a SKU in the Catalog unless the changes ONLY apply to a particular form.