Domain Names & DNS (Domain Nameserver) Management

Your domain name is your website address. Your Membership Toolkit account has a unique domain name that was set-up when you started your account:


Important Note - there is NOT a "www" in the URL.  Your Membership Toolkit account is over a secure connection and it begins with "https".  When you publish your link, it is important to publish the correct link!! 

If you have your own domain name, you can use that as your website address and point your domain name to your Membership Toolkit account.

**We recommend that all organizations have their own domain name and that the registration needs to be owned by the organization and not a third party.

Choosing and Registering A Domain Name

There are many companies that provide a service for you to register a domain name. In our experience, GoDaddy provides an easy-to-use interface and competitive prices. If a third party owns the registration on your domain name, we recommend that your organization have the registration transferred to your account. You will need to set-up an account with a domain registration company and then follow their transfer steps. A few of the companies that offer Domain Registration:,,

DNS Records

DNS = Domain Name Servers

Confused about what the Domain Nameserver is and what function it serves?  Here is a great analogy!

You want to call Sally at the ACME Corporation.   You would:
1.  Find the main phone number to ACME Corporation.  So you look in the phone book and you find the phone number.
2.  Now you have the phone number for the main switch board to ACME Corporation and you call this number.
3.  The operator gives you Sally's direct phone number.
4.  You hang up and dial Sally's number.

How this translates into locating a website.  You want to go to the ACME Corporation website and you know that their website address is:  You type this into your internet browser.  Your computer must now locate the ACME website.
1.  First it goes to the registry (phone book) to find the website's IP address (phone number) of the DNS Server (operator)
2.  It calls the DNS (operator) to ask for the www extension for ACME website (direct phone number)
3.  The DNS