FAQ - How can users make payments on outstanding balances?

Users are able to log in to their Membership Toolkit account and make a payments on outstanding balances. 

Step 1 - Log in to your Membership Toolkit account

Step 2 - Previous Orders

  • Select the Previous orders option in the log-in box.

Step 3 - Choose Order for Payment

  • On your Account Profile screen, select the Orders tab.  This will present a table of all orders either submitted by the user or created and submitted by an administrator.
  • Orders with a Balance Due are presented at the top.  On the right side of the table is a column for amount due related to each order.
  • Select the Order Number for an order that you would like to make a payment for.

Step 4 - Make a Payment

  • Once you have selected an Order for payment, information regarding that order will be presented.
  • Select "Make A Payment".
  • Follow the steps provided for making a payment.

If you need to send instructions to your parents or users on how to make a payment on an outstanding balance, we have attached a PDF file below that you can send in an email.