Creating An Order

Administrators can create orders for users and either record payments for the order or allow the user to log in to their Membership Toolkit account to pay for the order.

How To Create A New Order for a User:

  • Go to the user's Contact Record by typing their name in the Search field on the Dashboard.
  • Select the "Order" tab.
  • Select the "create order" button.
  • Enter the Date of the Order, select the user email address, and click "create order."

Once the order is created, you can add line items to the order by selecting the blue "add line item" button.  Fill in all the information about the line item, then click "add item."  (You can add multiple line items to one order.)

  1. Select the Form - The line item (SKU) being purchased should be connected to the form where it is being sold.  If it is not connected to the form, the sale will not show up on the Form Reports.
  2. Select the SKU (line item)
  3. Option - If there are options associated with the SKU chosen, you will need to choose one.
  4. Cost - This will auto-populate from the SKU information, but you can enter a different amount if you need to.
  5. Quantity - How many are being purchased?
  6. Tax - Should sales tax be added to the sale of this item?
  7. Student - Should the sale of this item to be tagged to a student on the account?  This is important if your reports for the sale of this SKU are related to an individual family or to a specific student.  It is also helpful if the item is to be delivered to the student. But please note:  you need to enter it so it matches how the form is set up (e.g. do not specify a student if the form is per family and the line item is not set to per student.

Important Notes:

  • Orders created by administrators have an order status of "Order Placed" which means it is considered a final order, not a pending order.  Inventory numbers will be adjusted and the sold items will show up on your reports.
  • The Order will show up as a balance due until either payment for the order is recorded by an Administrator or the parent logs in to their Membership Toolkit account to make a payment.
  • See Recording Offline Payments (Cash or Check) for further information on how to do this.