Publish Preferences for a Group

If you need to capture publish preferences for a group, it may be best to create a Data Form specific for the group. 

Steps to create a data form for publish preferences:

1.  Go to Store & Forms / Forms / New Form.

2.  On the Overview tab:

  • Give the form a title.
  • Place the form in Test mode.
  • Be sure your publish/unpublish dates are current.

3. On the Description tab:

  • Complete the preamble (text that will be at the top of the form).  Include the statement for your permission to publish.
  • Add text in the postamble if you'd like a statement at the bottom of your form.

4.  On the Settings tab:
  • Choose if the form will be required.
  • Change from "one per member" to "one per student" if the permission is related to a student.  Only one per member sets the restriction that once the form is submitted parents cannot submit a second form
  • Set the From Re-use to "one time only".

5.  On the Line Items tab:

  • Create a line item for each item that you need to collect publish information for.
  • For the Presentation: choose a select box (drop down), Options are Yes, No  

6.  On the Email tab:
  • Complete the email receipt text.  Parents will receive an email with a list confirming what their answers were to the questions. The email is automatically generated so it is a very good idea to include text in the email receipt.

7.  On the Form Conditions tab:
  • This is where you select which group the forms apply to.  If you are unsure how to do this, submit a Help Ticket to Membership Toolkit to help you set up the restriction.

The best report will be the form report. From the Forms tab select the number of "ordered" items for your report. You can view the report on your screen or download to excel.