Sales Reports

There are several reports that capture sales.

1.  Form Report - This report includes all data specific to this form including data fields and time of purchase.

  • Find your form on the Store & Forms tab.
  • Select the blue "report" button next to the form or select the blue number in the column "ordered."
  • Choose the dates for your data and how you want it sorted.
  • To download the report, select either matrix or detail next to the excel icon in the top right corner.

2.  Ordered Items Report

  • Go to Store & Forms / Reports.
  • Select the Ordered Items Report under "Sales and Form Reports."
  • Choose the dates for your data and the SKU Category if you wish.
  • Select the specific SKU QTY to view the orders.

3.   Product Summary - SKU Matrix - This report includes all items sold by SKU and Options.  The report is by family or student and includes all orders for the year for each family on one line item.  This report does not include the data that is specific to each purchase.
  • Go to Store & Forms / Reports.
  • Select the Ordered Product Matrix under "Sales and Form Reports."
  • Enter the dates for the data you wish to capture and select "Download Excel."

Report Dates

The reports will pull information on sales based on your current year dates. You can edit the dates if needed.  For example, your current year dates are January 1 - December 31.  You began selling memberships in December and now want to run a report in February for total membership sold in this campaign. Change the dates for the report to December 1 - today.