Setting the Background Check Expiration Date

When you choose to say that a parent or member has completed their background check, you can assign an expiration date to the background check so your database is always current.  For example, if your school requires each volunteer to get a new background check each year after July 1, you would want to set your expiration date for your cleared background check on June 30. 

How It Works:

If a parent has a cleared background check in the Membership Toolkit database that expires on June 30, on July 1 it will show that the parent does not have a completed background check.  

There are two ways to edit the background expiration date:

  1. You can set a system-wide background expiration date.
  2. You can override the system-wide background expiration date at the Contact Card.
  3. You can update the background expiration date for multiple users at once.

Setting the System-Wide Expiration Dates for Background Checks (Account Owners Only)

  • Go to the Admin Menu on the Dashboard. (Only Account Owners have access to the Admin Menu)
  • Select Account Settings / Dates & Times.
  • Set the Background Check Expiration date for when the Background Checks should expire.
  • Note: This date is the default date when background checks will expire when you move a contact to "Yes" - Background Check Approved. This does NOT affect existing contacts that are already approved.

Overriding the system-wide background expiration date at the Contact Card:  This is useful if everyone's background check doesn't expire at the same time.

  • Open the Contact's Record by going to People / Contacts or using the Search box.
  • On the Contact Information tab, select edit.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the pop up window to #3 - Background Check Expires

To Update the Background Check Expiration Date for Multiple Users:

  • Go to Volunteers / All Contacts / select users / update checked...