Publish Form

The Publish Form is broken into two segments:  your Online Directory & Other Outlets choices.

The form can be turned on and off.

To edit the form:
  • From the Dashboard, go to the People tab.
  • Select Configuration.
  • Select the Publish Form tab.

Collect Publish Information

When this is set to Yes, the information in the form will be presented in the list of options for users.

Publish Form Conditions
You can restrict who sees this form.

Publish Form Title

Customize your form title.  Examples:  Directory & Permission to Publish Forms; Your Organization Directory

Publish Preamble

Text at the top of the form.  Examples:  The printed directory will be finalized on September 15.

Publish Postamble

Text that is below the directory preferences.

Privacy Setting Preamble

Text within the directory box that is above the directory preferences options.

Students Publish Settings Preamble

Text that is above list of other publication outlets.

An example:

Our PTA chapter produces a number of publications and projects intended to encourage community spirit and interaction and to recognize students and their achievements. In order for your child's name and/or photograph to be included in these publications, PTA must receive your consent. All students may have the opportunity to be included in these publications. If you do not want your child's name and/or photograph to be included in a publication and/or project, mark the item "No" and every reasonable effort will be made to omit your child's information and image from those publications/projects. 

Do you consent to the appearance of your child's name, photo, and/or contact information in the following?

Student Publication Outlets

Here is where you list any media outlets that you need to collect permission statements.  Users will have the option to set preferences for each student listed in their database.

This box is formatted:  Title|report
The title will show up for users in the form.  The report name will be the text that shows up in your report.  Report names should not include spaces.

Your Organization Yearbook|Yearbook
Local Media Publications|Media
PTA Website|Website

*Do not include your Directory as one of the Student Publication Outlets!  The directory is controlled by the statement at the top of the page.