Creating A Volunteer Form - Getting Started & Overview

Creating a volunteer form consists of a number of steps, including naming the form, setting up the publish and unpublish dates and times, entering your volunteer opportunities, and configuring your emails to go out. Clicking on the "save and continue >" button at the bottom of each screen will guide you through all of the steps.  If you're already a pro, you can skip around by clicking on the tabs at the top of each screen.  Your progress will be automatically saved each time.

Step 1 - Go to Dashboard / Volunteers / Active Forms / select "new volunteer form."

Step 2 - Getting Started Tab
Give the form its own unique Title.  It will automatically transfer to the Overview tab.

Step 3 - Overview Tab
This is very similar to the Overview Tab for sales and data forms.

Title:  Shows up as the title for your form.
Extended Description:  This text will appear below the title of the form in a smaller font. Sometimes it is helpful to include a due date here.
Mode:  There are four choices:  Draft, Test, Active, Archived
    • Draft mode is only available to Admins working on the form.
    • Test mode allows your Admins to see the form and to use the form to test the functions.  It will be highlighted yellow in the list of Open Forms and can only be seen by Admins.  A form in test mode will only be visible if the Publish and Unpublish Dates/Times are current.
    • Active mode is when you want your form to be available to your users!
    • Archived mode is used when you are done with a form and no longer want it to be presented in your list of forms on the Dashboard.  It will move to the Archived List.
Publish and Unpublish Date/Time:  Don't forget these must be current or the form will not be presented in the Open Forms list.

Next Step: Presentation Tab