FAQ - If parents are divorced, can they each have their own account login?

Yes.  Our advice is to always let the families determine how they would prefer to complete registration information.  A divorced couple may choose to have one family record that includes each spouse's home address and contact information, while other separated couples may wish to maintain separate accounts.

If the parents do decide to have two accounts, each family is listed separately in your online directory.

Do remember, however, that required forms will have to be satisfied by both accounts. This means that if your site requires certain forms to be completed (directory publishing approval, photo/video approval, etc.), then both accounts will have to complete these forms before the user can do anything else on the site. 

In addition, some organizations (such as band booster clubs, for example) may require every account to purchase band uniforms or pay for meals before the account holder can continue as well.

You can help these parents decide the best approach.