Email Verification

When a user creates an account for the first time, an email invitation is sent from Membership Toolkit to verify that it is a valid email address.  The email invitation for creating a new account is only valid for 2 hours, so if the user is not able to access their email in that time frame, they will have to start the process over again.

There are three reasons why email verification is important for new contacts:

  1. It confirms that your contact has correctly entered their email address. You would be surprised how often it is mistyped!  If they create an account with the wrong email address they cannot go back to it.
  2. More importantly, it is a security feature.  You do NOT want to allow a person to create an account using someone else's email and perhaps their personal information.
  3. Contacts have the option when they are logging in to be connected to their spouse's account or to an account that an administrator has created for them. This will only work if the email verification is turned on and the user has a verified email when they log in.

Administrators with Account Owner status have the option to temporarily turn off the requirement that new contacts to Membership Toolkit verify their email when they are creating their account.

  • Go to Website / Configuration / Welcome/Login.
  • The default is set to "Yes" to require users to verify their email address.
  • If you select "No," the setting will automatically default back to "Yes" at midnight the same day.
  • If you need to turn off email verification for longer than one day, please submit a ticket through our help desk and one of our team members will edit the configuration and set the date range for you.

It is really important that the email verification ONLY be turned off for extenuating circumstances such as an on-site registration event.  It is difficult to have parents verify their email address when they do not have access to their email from the school computers.  For more information on how to handle this, see our On-Site Event Help Desk Solution.

 It is also very important to remember to turn this feature back on at the conclusion of your event!