Edit Forms - Line Items/Product Description

You can add products (Line Items/SKUs) to your Sales Forms on the Line Item tab.


If you want to break your form into sections, enter a section heading here.


The SKU is created in the Catalog.  Select the SKU from the drop down list. The following fields will be auto-populated from the information included with that SKU in the Catalog.  See information on the Catalog for additional help.

  1. Description - The label used on your forms.
  2. Special Notes - Special notes appear directly below the item in the product list.
  3. Extended Description - The extended description is presented in a drop down box below the item in the list on your form.

Override Catalog - Yes/No
Please note:
  • You can override the catalog information at the form level.
  • Changes made at the form level will NOT be reflected in the catalog for that SKU.