Edit Forms - Settings

When choosing how to set up your forms there are two things you want to consider:

  1. How to make it easy for users.
  2. What information you need for your reports.

On the Form / Settings tab:


There are 3 different options:

  1. Yes - It is required that the user complete this form before they can check out. This should be used only in situations where they MUST complete the form. (meaning absolutely CANNOT skip)
  2. No - It is NOT required that the user complete this form before they can check out and the optional statement will NOT present on the form.
  3. No, allow the user to skip - The optional statement will be on the form and the user can choose to skip the form. You will also be presented with additional fields to provide Instructions and both Affirmative and Negative Statements. If you select to allow the user to skip the form (and they do), the form will be moved to a special section under their open forms, showing that they elected to skip it.

When a form is NOT required, you have the option to Warn the User at Checkout about the form if they elect to not fill it out or skip it.

If you choose to have the form Required Setting set up "No, allow the user to skip," you will be presented with options to customize the text for the Optional Statements.  See Required Forms for more information on this.

  • One Per Family - Use this when the form applies to anyone in the Contact's family and you do not need to track the sale back to a specific student.  
  • One Per Student - Use this setting when the sale needs to be tracked to a specific student.  For example, school supplies are usually designated as One Per Student.
  • For more information, see How do you set up sales that are tagged for a specific student?

Form Re-Use
  • As many as wanted - The form will be available until the Unpublish date occurs even if a purchase is made from the form.  This setting allows users to purchase from the same form multiple times. Once they complete the form, they will be presented with another in their Open Forms.
  • One Time Only - Once a purchase has been made from this form, it will no long be presented to the user and they will not receive another.