Adjusting Inventory Numbers

There are times when you will need to manually adjust the inventory of the products in your Catalog.  

  • From the Dashboard, go to Store & Forms / Catalog and select "Adjust Inventory" for the item that needs adjustment.


How the Inventory Works:  QOH = Quantity On Hand

Example #1:  If you order more of a product, you will need to add inventory.

You have 19 small shirts remaining and you are going to reorder 10 additional small shirts.  The adjustment will be 10 which will give you a total of 29 small shirts available to sell.  Type "10" in for the Adjustment and the system will automatically add that to your inventory.


Example #2:  If you sell a product offline, you will need to decrease your available inventory.

You have 29 small shirts remaining and you sell 10 for cash purchases at the school's Kindergarten Registration event.  The adjustment will be -10 (negative 10) which will give you a total of 19 shirts available to sell.  Type "-10" in as the Adjustment and the system will automatically subtract the items from your inventory.


Adjusting Inventory in Bulk

If you have a large quantity of items to update inventory for, you can do this all at once. This can save a lot of time by making it so you don't have to open each individual SKU.

  • Go to Store & Forms / Reports / Inventory Levels.
  • Filter the SKUs, then use the "adjust inventory levels" button.
  • You can enter a new inventory number or make an adjustment to the current quantity using the (+/-) sign.